Waterproof Tent for Family

When you go camping, it becomes more fun if you carry your family with you. However, there is the issue of safety and privacy when the nights come. Due to unpredictable weather changes, you will require a tent that can hold your whole family and keep them secure. The best kind of such a tent is a waterproof one. However, you will need one that is designed for family due to space and privacy. Do you know how you can get one? This article will acquaint you with all the necessary info about waterproof tent for family.

best Waterproof Tent for Family

The best waterproof tent for family is the one that is made from a weather resistant fabric. The kind of tent that does not allow moisture to accumulate on the inside and lead to discomforts is a good one. Also, the kind that allows good aeration with proper ventilations. Do not go for the cheap kind of waterproof tents that do not provide you with the services you need.

The cabin type of waterproof tent with more than 2 rooms is the best. It offers enough privacy where the demarcation between the 2 rooms acts as a seal. For increased privacy, you can also go for the one with 2 doors. This kind of a tent with a demarcation is the best for a family to go camping. It ensures that the adults spend their time on one side and the young ones in the other room. Such a tent should also be big enough to accommodate the family and their stuff. Regardless, it can easily be set hence minimum complications. Think about how awesome a tent measuring 17 by 9 feet would be. This can be provided by tents like the Coleman Weathermaster Best Family Tent for Bad Weather – 10 Person or the Coleman Waterproof Instant Tent, 6 person among others.

The best kind of a waterproof tent is also the kind that gives you a waterproof floor. One of the parts that matter so much in a tent is the floor. If it is not waterproof, there can be a lot of destruction if the surface runoff gets under the tent and sips in it soaking everything on its way. This can lead to a lot of discomfort when spending time in the tent. You need the kind that has been strengthened with improved technology to allow free flow of surface runoff without getting into the tent. The strengthened type can also hold the weight of the whole family without collapsing.

A good waterproof tent for family should have extra features such as organizer pockets gear and lantern hook. Such extra features ensures that arranging the stuff that the family carries gets easy without mixing them together and also without them taking the ground space that is used for other purposes. Some. More features like electric cable access makes it easy for the family increasing the comfort on the inside. For portability purposes, it should have a carry bag and stakes to allow its set up.

It should also have vestibules and storage to allow the storage of wet clothes and gear. Vestibules refers to the mudroom for the tent which allows the whole family to keep the dirty gear away from the rest of the residing area. In this area, you can keep your dirty shoes and clothes or even a place to allow the wet things to dry. Make sure that it is covered on the top and that the sides are protected to prevent the dirty water from the gear from penetrating to the other areas of the tent.

A family waterproof tent should also have a rainfly. To allow additional cooling, you can detach it partially from the tent allowing more ventilation. It can also be fully detached if the sky is clear enough. The rainfly will offer more protection and privacy when it rains. Make sure that your rainfly covers the doors and windows fully to seal yourself and the family from the elements of weather.

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Welcome to Harbor Island Park Online

Harbor Island Park Needs Friends Like You

Harbor Island Park is the “Jewel of Mamaroneck.” The 44.5 acre park overlooks one of the loveliest harbors in Long Island Sound. Its sweeping vistas and proximity to Mamaroneck Village’s shopping district make the park a vital resource for our community. Westchester residents are drawn to the park for athletic events such as baseball, soccer, tennis, boating, fishing and camping tents; community events; the enjoyment of nature; the playground, and the beautiful gardens.

This precious resource is tended by the Harbor Island Conservancy, an all-volunteer group. If you use the park, please consider donating your time to spruce up the playground or to weed the gardens. We are also grateful for any financial support you can provide.

Harbor Island Park

Our Mission

Harbor Island Conservancy’s goal is to maintain Harbor Island Park as an enjoyable destination for walking, playing, swimming and fishing. We work in coordination with the Mamaroneck Village government and other organizations to care for the park, providing knowledge, ideas, energy and funding for beautification projects.


Because of the generosity of our supporters – and our partnership with the Village – HIC has accomplished much since our founding in 2003, including:

  • Building the world-class playground, with the help of over 200 volunteers
  • Named the “Best Themed Park” by Westchester Magazine
  • Installed new, easy-to-read signage at park entrances
  • Funded and installed new fencing
  • Installed a gazebo at the main entrance
  • Created a new walkway at the Orienta entrance
  • Designed and implemented new landscaping with gardens at both entrances
  • Supplied new kayaks for the Mariners program
  • Awarded the 2012 Public Service Award: Organization, by the Westchester Recreation and Park Society